Emphasizing development
over planning
Rapid Process
Our process is designed to radically reduce the time needed to design and develop enterprise applications. Using this flexible process we can quickly respond to changing customer needs and expectations, listen to their feeback, learn and adapt, rapidly iterating the software delivery. Key success factors are:
Emphasizing results over planning
Use prototypes instead of design specifications 
Deliver software early to the customers 
Encourage customer feedback, evaluate and change 
Use agile planning and cost control procedures 
Use automation and code generation technology
There are several benefits to using our rapid application development process. For instance, since the process promotes continuous delivery the progress can be accurately and quickly measured, resulting in more tasks completed on time and budget. Continuous delivery and the ability to garner customer feedback also mitigates the risk in the project, since we frequently release working software to the users.

We promote rapid prototyping instead of design specifications. Users are much better at Sinteracting than creating written specifications. The prototype provides valuable information as to the feasibility of a user design and put focus on business problems that are critical to end users. 

To summarize, the advantage of using our rapid development process is that it allows end users and the development team to fully understand the user design and the software functionality during the earliest stages of the development. It also provides benefits by emphasizing progress instead of planning. This motivates the development team to continuously improve their performance, to build the software faster, but at the same time adhere to best practice software patterns to be able react quickly to changed requirements.
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OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform for building enterprise-grade apps really fast. Using OutSystems we are able to create a truly agile and collaborative digital service, developing enterprise-grade web and mobile applications that drives real business results.
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