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We provide expertise and guidance to support our customers at any stage of their OutSystems adoption
Rapid App Development
Use our Rapid Teams to create and deliver an application of any complexity using the OutSystems platform. We can take full ownership of the development, including collaboration with business stakeholders, providing business analysis, requirement specifications, governance strategy, development, test and operational services.

The team can also be part of an existing team, where the customer manages the project and is responsible for business analysis, governance and other stakeholder activities. We conduct application design, development, testing and other operational services. We provide both on-site and near-shore services based on the customer demands. 
Rapid Change Service
Using our change service customers can outsource support and maintenance of applications built with OutSystems. To meet the need of customers requiring incremental improvements to their applications we offer two services:

Change On-Demand
This service is designed for customers that have implemented relatively simple applications that require minor changes periodically. The customer is responsible for the definition and prioritization of requirements, creating prototypes and coordinating the developers. We implement the functionality based on the provided specifications.
 Rapid Change TeamFor customers that need to implement complex modifications to existing applications, we can offer a Rapid Change Team. Similar to the change on-demand service the customer is responsible for business analysis and ensuring that the project scope addresses your business requirements. We conduct technical analysis, design, development and test to ensure that the application is developed according to the specified requirements and prototypes. 
Rapid Team Enablement
The Rapid Team enablement service provides a customer team with the appropriate expertise and guidance needed to successfully deliver their first application using OutSystems. We prefer to use a Joint team approach where the customer can learn from an experienced OutSystems team. At the end of the program, the customer team is well prepared to deliver future business apps leveraging the OutSystems platform.
 Team TransformationFor customers with a development team with little or no OutSystems experience we can offer guidance and professional resources to transform the team to a high-performing Rapid team using OutSystems technology and agile delivery methodology.
Organization Enablement
We can support you in developing a scalable digital service using the OutSystems platform. We use a framework called a "Low-Code Digital Factory" which has been tested and proven by existing OutSystems customers in almost every vertical. The methodology describes the structure, roles and responsibilities, talents that is needed at the different stages and for different use-cases.

OutSystems obviously need to be integrated with your commodity systems, data services, cloud services, we need to setup identity management, project tracking, test automation, integrate with existing Devops tools. We can guide you in this process, ensuring that the OutSystems platform capabilities are leveraged to full extent.

Read more about the Low-Code Digital Factory concept here.
Rapid Technology
Each team is created to achieve maximum speed and agility on a technology platform. The team will continuously improve their performance, by using technology that speed up the development and their ability to quickly adapt to shifting customer demands.
OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform for building enterprise-grade apps incredibly fast. Using OutSystems we can create a truly agile and colloborative digital service, developing enterprise-grade web and mobile applications that drives real business results.
Outsystems editions
Application Capacity: Scaled to needs
End-User Capacity: Starts at 100
Environments: 3+ (Dev/Test/Prod)
Dedicated OutSystems Cloud
Application Capacity: Scaled to needs
End-User Capacity: Unlimited
Environments: 3+ (Dev/Test/Prod)
Dedicated OutSystems Cloud
OutSystems for Azure
OutSystems Cloud
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