Bright Skills and OutSystems at CIO Trend 2020
OutSystems | Fri, 07 Feb 2020 | Michael Stjernström
CIO Trend on February 12 sets the agenda for the IT year 2020. You get an overview of the trends and opportunities that await around the corner, and an insight into the activities and experiences of others. 
How do you as a CIO think to drive the business forward? What new technologies and new ways of working did you not yet discover? What challenges do you need to address right here and now? How have others created smart products and services using, for example, AI or RPA - and what can you learn from their experiences?
CIO Trend gives you inspiration and challenges your ways of thinking, here you get insights and lessons from other people's successful - and less successful projects. It is an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge, make new contacts and maintain existing ones.
Bright Skills will be joining the event together with OutSystems, the market leading low-code vendor. Take the opportunity to meet Bright Skills and OutSystems to talk about how you can use low-code to accelerate digital transformation.
Read more about the event here CIO Trend 2020
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